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We have outsourced all the printing of our images to an excellent printing service called SeattleOnCanvas.

Any image that you see in our Picasa galleries (displayed at low resolution) can be purchased in high resolution as a canvas print. The most popular ones have already been uploaded to SeattleOnCanvas, but if the one you like is not there, please email Albert Folch (                                            ) with the reference (for ex., copy/paste the image into your email) and feel free to request the image you want -- it can be uploaded to SeattleOnCanvas the same day.

Albert Folch considers every piece a collaborative work between him and his students -- hence they are always co-signed in our art exhibits. For a typical artwork (but not all of them), a student usually takes the raw image under the microscope as part of his/her daily scientific work and Albert Folch does most of the processing (for ex., making a collage, changing the colors, tones, etc.).

Absolutely all the proceeds (what you pay minus what the vendor keeps as the cost of the canvas) come back to a University of Washington account, free of indirect costs, to fund our art outreach efforts. Every canvas purchase or donation (over $50) entitles you to a one-hour visit of the Folch lab, where you will get to see our >50-piece collection on our offices' walls.

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