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FolchLab Picture Gallery

The FolchLabArt program started with a set of Picasa Web Galleries on March 2007. Initially, these galleries were meant to be simple repositories of beautiful images that were sitting dormant on our hard drives. We just wanted to share them with the world and Google generously provided us with the space. Enjoy!
We are flattered that our images and videos are used in all corners of the world for didactic purposes. Please keep using them (and let us know)! Please display/publish them with an acknowledgment, e.g. "Image courtesy of the Folch lab". If you let us know which picture you are going to show in particular, I'll be happy to let you know the name of the student that participated in the work and the title of the work. (Yes, each baby has a name!)
Our images have been used for the cover of a book (an image by Chris Neils) and for the brochures of three international microfluidics conferences where I was invited, every time independently of the brochure: one in Leiden (Holland) in 2010 (a beautiful picture of a mixer by Greg Cooksey) and one in Heidelberg (Germany) in 2012 (a collage titled "Chromatic Labyrinth" based on a picture taken by David Cate). The Heidelberg conference, organized by EMBL, has adopted the image for the 2014 conference as well. It is very rewarding to see one of our images ending up on everyone's hands and retinas hundreds of times. This is the best reward for our work!

Recently the UW Molecular Engineering PhD program asked us to help them design their recruiting brochure:

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