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History of BAIT​

The Picasa Web Gallery was first featured on UWNews in Jan 2008. As a result, Harborview Hospital art curator Peggy Weiss invited us to put together the first BAIT exhibit (Feb-Apr '09) and generously paid for the framing of more than a dozen pieces.
On March 2009 we started posting microfluidic videos with music on our YouTube Channel. Some of them include a microfluidic device with microvalves that are programmed to respond to music. We now boast 94 subscribers and more than 92,000 views (!).
On August 2009, we started making available prints for sale through SeattleOnCanvas (after arriving at an agreement with the UW to not charge indirect costs on the proceeds). The second BAIT exhibit (Sep '09 - Aug '10) was shortly after, at the UW Meany Theater.
The third and largest BAIT exhibit (Nov'10 - Jul'11) was at the UW Allen Library Research Commons, to which we were invited as its inauguration exhibitor. This Commons exhibit was featured on UWNews (Nov' 10) and was the basis of a UWTV interview on BAIT (Jan '12).
On November 2011, Albert Folch gave a talk ("Advances in Cell-Based Microfluidics: An Artistic Perspective") to present BAIT at Harvard.
The fourth BAIT exhibit (Mar - Apr '12) took place at a local framing store, Museum Quality Framing (3717 NE 45th AVE, Seattle).​
We organized our highly successful fifth BAIT exhibit (Sep '13) in the halls of the international BMES 2013 conference in Seattle. It was the first time that a Folch Lab Art exhibit was viewed by thousands of people!

Harvard-BAIT cover.jpg

On 31st Oct 2013 Albert Folch presented the Art in Science Award (organized by Lab on a Chip) at the MicroTAS Conference in Freiburg (Germany) where he gave a short overview of BAIT in a plenary talk (see PDF).
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