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We are interested in the educational experience of blurring the lines between science and art. As educators, we are attracted by the mental exercise that our images trigger in inquisitive minds ("What is this?"). We like to seize that moment and use art as a bait to introduce scientific concepts to minds in such receptive states.

In our exhibits, our images are displayed next to a text that explains the science behind the art. The images are thus used as a "bait" to lure the visitors into learning some science.  The exhibits are collectively called BAIT for "Bringing Art Into Technology".  Below are the pictures from a recent exhibit in the UW Allen Library Research Commons.


The FolchLabArt is growing! We continue to make most of our images and videos available for free in our popular Picasa galleries and YouTube Channel. Due to popular request, we also make some of them available for sale on a canvas format through SeattleOnCanvas. (If you see a particular one you would like to have printed that is not in SeattleOnCanvas, please email us by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of the page.) You can make a tax-free donation online to support the Folch Lab exhibits. Thank you for your support!

Albert Folch's interview on UWTV

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